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Win-Li is an actuary of more than 25 years, bringing an international mindset to problem solving through experience in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

She is the Appointed Actuary to several Australian and New Zealand insurers, and advises self-insurers as well as publicly underwritten schemes.

With a strong focus on collaboration and deep understanding of the insurance landscape, Win-Li is regularly approached for her commentary on critical issues affecting insurers and the community, including customer fairness, affordability and cyber vulnerabilities. She was lead author on the Actuaries Institute cyber Green Paper, exploring the challenges and opportunities for decision-makers in creating a vibrant, sustainable cyber insurance market. Win-Li says:

“Finding common purpose is key, and situations are rarely black and white. What sets actuaries apart is our ability to bring multiple perspectives together and give clear insight to the different shades of grey to find pragmatic, workable solutions.”

Win-Li is 2024 Senior Vice President of the Actuaries Institute of Australia and a member of the board, which is responsible for the direction, governance and reputation of the profession. She is also 2023 Insurance Leader of the Year, awarded by the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance.

Win-Li’s Qualifications
  • Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia
  • Fellow of the New Zealand Society of Actuaries
  • Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK)
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours (Mathematics), Oxford University
  • Master of Arts (Mathematics), Oxford University

Win-Li Toh’s
Areas of Expertise

Win-Li Toh’s Areas of Expertise

General Insurance

Deep industry experience backed by a strong commercial focus

Cyber Risk

Understand and quantify cyber risk to optimise cyber resilience efforts

Appointed Actuary

Impartial, strategic and pragmatic advice to general insurers and reinsurers of all sizes


Trusted guidance for companies managing their own risks

Articles by
Win-Li Toh

Articles by Win-Li Toh

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