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Injury Schemes

Considered advice and analytics for sustainable schemes

General Insurance

Deep industry experience backed by a strong commercial focus


Measure, model and identify opportunities for better policy and programs

Corporate Analytics

Own and master industry-leading data solutions through a creative partnership


Trusted guidance for companies managing their own risks

Appointed Actuary

Impartial, strategic and pragmatic advice to general insurers and reinsurers of all sizes

Health and Disability

Make data-driven decisions to improve systems and services


Identify vulnerabilities and stay ahead of suspicious activity

Algorithm Charter

for Aotearoa New Zealand

What should government agencies consider?

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Our Financial Impact Index shows the effect
of the pandemic by postcode

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Machine learning

Modelling in 2020

We explore creating explainable and interpretable
machine learning models

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Intergenerational Equity Index

Developed by Taylor Fry, the Index explores
intergenerational fairness in Australia

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Life at
Taylor Fry

From comedians to cake bakers,
meet some of our team

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Daniel Stoner

Algorithm Charter for Aotearoa: Six things to be doing now

What should New Zealand government agencies consider when implementing the Algorithm Charter for Aotearoa New Zealand

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Gráinne McGuire

Interpretable machine learning: what to consider

What's under the hood of 'black box' models? We explore creating explainable and interpretable machine learning models

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Hugh Miller

Launch of the Australian Actuaries Intergenerational Equity Index

We have developed an Intergenerational Equity Index, commissioned by the Actuaries Institute Australia

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Anna Cohen

Modelling the spread of COVID-19 in Victoria

We use international modelling to analyse the community transmission of COVID-19 in Victoria

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