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An actuary for more than 15 years, Ramona brings her expertise in data analytics and risk management to our government and health and disability practices.

As a post-doctoral research fellow, Ramona analysed large data sets to examine mortality, morbidity and ageing, at the UNSW Centre for Excellence in Population Ageing Research, where she is now an Associate Investigator.

Previously, she presented to Treasury on longevity risk management, and most recently enhanced operations for a major insurer by extending its use of predictive analytics for mortality and morbidity risk management.

Ramona has lectured, led training and mentored throughout her career.

Ramona’s Qualifications
  • Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia
  • PhD in Financial Economics, the University of Cambridge, UK
  • Bachelor of Science, First-class Honours and University Medal in Applied Statistics, ANU

Ramona Meyricke’s
Areas of Expertise

Ramona Meyricke’s Areas of Expertise


Measure, model and identify opportunities for better policy and programs

Health and Disability

Make data-driven decisions to improve systems and services

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Recent Articles

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