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The Hon Pru Goward brings her extensive experience in federal and state social policy to our government, and health and disability practices. Working closely with senior team members, she helps ensure our analysis is well targeted to where it can make a difference, and our results are insightful and practical.

As a New South Wales minister, Pru’s portfolios covered complex social issues. Before politics, she was Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner also responsible for Age Discrimination, and Executive Director of the Office of the Status of Women in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Pru also advises on strategy and communications, reflecting her broader expertise as an ABC journalist, media consultant and university lecturer in broadcast journalism.

Pru’s Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts Honours, Adelaide University

Pru Goward’s
Areas of Expertise

Pru Goward’s Areas of Expertise


Measure, model and identify opportunities for better policy and programs

Health and Disability

Make data-driven decisions to improve systems and services

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Recent Articles

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